South Acton Commuter Lot



General Rules

  • Park in marked parking spaces only.
  • Vehicles will be ticketed and may be towed, if not parked in a marked parking space.
  • Accessible parking is free and is open to Acton residents and non-residents.

Acton Resident Sticker Program

(Hours of Enforcement are Weekdays 6 AM - Noon)
Acton Resident Sticker

- $100 per year

Senior Citizen Acton Resident Sticker

- $50 per year


  • Stickers are available at Town Hall, Monday - Friday from 8:00AM - 5:00pm, or at the Police Station at any time (Cash or Check only.) A photo I.D. with an Acton property tax bill or valid Acton car registration is required to purchase a resident sticker.
  • Parking in a metered space requires payment of the meter; a resident sticker does not invalidate the need to pay a meter.
  • The resident portion of the lot requires a valid resident sticker.
  • The resident sticker must be placed in the lower left-hand corner of the rear window.
  • A resident sticker does not guarantee a parking space.
  • A separate sticker must be purchased for each vehicle.
  • Resident stickers are valid for 12 months and are valid through the last day of the month numbered on the sticker. (i.e.: A sticker with an “8” would be valid through and including August 31st). 
  • To report a problem to the Parking Clerk, please call (978) 929-6620.

Parking Meters

Daily Parking Rate is $5 per day


(Hours of Enforcement are Weekdays from 6am to noon)
Make sure you have the correct amount prior to inserting money into the meter. These meters do not recognize pennies, NH Turnpike Tokens or foreign currency such as Canadian coins. Parking in a metered space requires payment of the meter; a resident sticker does not invalidate the need to pay a meter. Vehicles will be ticketed if parked at an expired metered space. To report a problem to the Parking Clerk, please call (978) 929-6620, and be sure to have the number of the metered parking space.

New Parking Meter Instructions
  1. Press the “START” Button
  2. Enter the Parking Space number Painted on the pavement. Click here for a map of parking space numbers.
  3. Insert Payment (Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, $1 Coins, $1 & $5 bills, credit cards or Passport Pay By Phone option)
  4. For Credit Card -Insert card for payment. Wait for “Take Your Card Back” message.
  5. Press “PRINT” to authorize the transaction. Final screen will state “Transaction Finished” after the payment has been accepted.
Commuters do not need to place tickets/receipts in their windshield as proof of payment. 

Pay-By-Phone Option

Commuters can also pay for parking via the PassportParking Mobile Pay smartphone app. The app is available for download on your smartphone here:

android   AppStore

PassportParking Mobile Pay Instructions

  1. Follow directions for initial setup of your Passport account.
  2. Enter Passport Parking Zone. The South Acton Zone = 1723
  3. Enter Your Parking Space Number
  4. Complete the transaction

Further Assistance with Passport

Email Support -

Reserved Parking Program

(Jones Field – Martin Street / Stow Street)

  • Fee - Parking Rate is $100 per month. (requires a minimum of 3 monthly payments)
  • The designated parking space will be reserved from 6am to 10am Monday – Friday.   The space is available to others if you have not occupied it prior to 10am.
  • If another vehicle is parked in your space, you are allowed to park in space # 13.  You must call the Acton Police Department at 978-929-7711 for instructions.
  • The designated parking space is not reserved on weekends.
  • Your vehicle and appendages (trailer hitches, etc…) shall not extend beyond the white line.   Failure to comply may lead to fines, towing and revocation of your permit with no refunds.
  • Town is not responsible to car damages.
  • By submitting this application, you acknowledge and agree not to trespass on private or MBTA property.  Crossing the railroads tracks at grade or walking along the tracks is illegal and dangerous.

Bike Lockers

  • Fee - Locker Rentals are $100 per year or $14 per month.
  • Bicycle lockers are available for rent at the South Acton Train Station. Bicycle lockers provide bicycles and accessories with a high level of security against theft and with superior protection against adverse weather conditions. They also provide a guaranteed parking space for bicycle commuters.
  • Each renter must pay a $50.00 security deposit, which is refundable after the key is returned and the locker is left in satisfactory condition.
  • For more information, contact the Acton Municipal Department at (978) 929-7744, or by e-mail at