Municipal Properties

The Municipal Properties Department is responsible for the safety, aesthetics, and quality-of-life of the residents of Acton, the general public, and Town staff through the:
  • Planning
  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Operation of Town-owned buildings, related grounds, and roadsides
All operations are conducted in a cost effective, efficient, and environmentally sensitive manner in full compliance with applicable rules, regulations, bylaws, and statutes.

Services include:
  • The design, construction, maintenance, utilities, and management of all Town buildings, except those controlled by the School Department
  • Development and maintenance of the Town Common, roadsides, and landscaped areas
  • Management of street trees as provided in MGL Chapter 87, and management of public nuisances related to shade trees as provided by MGL Chapter 132
  • Management of street lights
Street Light Malfunction or Outage
Please contact the Municipal Properties Department at 978-929-7744 to report a street light malfunction or outage.