Stormwater Management Program

Overview of Program

  1. To prevent pollutants from entering the Town of Acton’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4);
  2. To prevent unauthorized flows from entering the MS4 and adding to total storm water runoff flow volumes;
  3. To prohibit Illicit Connections and Illicit Discharges to the MS4;
  4. To require the removal of all such Illicit Connections and Illicit Discharges;
  5. To comply with state and federal statutes and regulations relating to storm-water discharges; and
  6. To establish the legal authority to ensure compliance with the provisions of this bylaw through inspection, monitoring, and enforcement.

Implications for Multi-family Residence or Commercial Property Owners

No Person shall discharge any storm water and/or groundwater from any multi family residence or commercial property by means of any conduit(s), pipe(s) or hose(s) from any Sump Pump as defined in § 7.1 directly or indirectly onto a public way or into the MS4 without first obtaining a permit from the Board and, in the case of a public way, written permission from the Town Engineer. Each such permit must be renewed annually. The permit shall become part of the public record for the property maintained in the Department of Health files.
What does this mean?
If it is determined that, on the property in questions, stormwater or groundwater runoff is discharged into the right of way, MS4, or watercourse, by pipe, hose, conduit, or by means of slope, an annual permit must be obtained.
The Health Department will conduct town wide sampling to determine discharge of illicit substances into the MS4.