Flood Zones

The maps used to determine which properties are required to pay flood insurance are created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and are available on their website at http://www.msc.fema.gov.

These flood zone areas have been shown graphically on the Town of Acton’s GIS/Mapping system. These areas should be treated as an approximate representation of the FEMA maps. Contact your insurance agent or company for additional questions regarding a specific property.

Flood Zone Areas Shown in GIS

  • Go to the Town of Acton website home page (www.acton-ma.gov) and click on GIS/Mapping on the left.
  • Enter in the home address for the property of interest (help navigating the GIS viewer).
  • Once in the viewer, click the tab at the top labeled “Interactive Map”.
    • From this menu, you’ll notice a number of options available in the “Imagery” box (“Map Text”, “Town Data”, etc).
    • Aerial views of the property are available by selecting the “Town (2007, color)” option and clicking the “refresh” button above the “Imagery” box.
  • In the list on the right, expand the “Flood Zones” options by clicking the “+” box. The current maps, as of this writing, are the 2010 FEMA Flood Zones:
    • 2010 FEMA Floodway - This area is a part of the flood zone needed to discharge a flood (channel of a stream, etc)
    • 2010 FEMA Flood Zone – 100-year flood zone. The area with a 1% chance of flooding in a given year
    • 2010 FEMA Flood Zone – 500-year flood zone. The area with a 0.2% chance of flooding in a given year. This area may require flood insurance at a different rate than the 100-year flood zone.
  • To view any of the Flood Zones, click on the box next to the zone and click the “refresh” button.
  • FEMA is currently updating the flood zone maps and these options can be seen in the 2013 DRAFT FEMA options.
  • The flood zone areas may have changed between the current 2010 maps and the draft 2013 maps.

Additional Information