West Acton Sewer Action Advisory Committee


The purpose of the West Acton Sewer Action Advisory Committee is to examine the physical and financial feasibility of sewering for property owners within the identified West Acton Sewer District area; to take into account the economic, environmental, historical and social factors that would be impacted by the construction of sewers; to recommend to the Board of Selectmen any future Town Meeting actions in this regard; and to educate the public on the topic so they can make an informed decision at Town Meeting. For the purpose of this investigation, sewering may be deemed to be an extension of the Fort Pond Brook Sewer District and/or the creation of a separate sewer infrastructure and district.


The membership of the committee should include the following:
  • Representation from the Acton-Boxborough Regional Schools
  • Representation from the Board of Selectmen (this member has historically chaired this committee)
  • Representation from the Finance Committee
  • Representation from the Planning Board
  • Representation from the West Acton business community
  • Representation from the proposed West Acton Sewer District (resident)
  • Representation from the West Acton area
  • Representation from the existing Fort Pond Brook Sewer District or experience on a past Acton sewer committee
  • Representation from the broader Acton citizenry
  • Expertise in civil engineering or a related field
There will be seven full members and two associate members. All of the above descriptions should be represented by the seven members. Members will represent more than one group listed above.

A member of the Town staff, from Land Use or Public Works, will attend all meetings and provide administrative support.

While the schedule for action by the West Acton Sewer Action Advisory Committee will be determined by the Committee, it is anticipated that the Committee will conduct at least one General Public Meeting in 2017 and shall report its findings to the Board of Selectmen on a schedule that anticipates a formal presentation to an upcoming Town Meeting. The Committee
will regularly communicate with and seek guidance from other related committees.


Individuals interested in any opening should fill out an application.

  • Applications are available here
  • Information about each committee is available on individual committee pages which can be reached through the Government button at the top of this page.