Town Clerk

Annual Town Meeting

Town Meeting lasted two nights, April 1st and 2nd. Below is a summary of the Warrant Article Decisions. The Town Meeting Abstract will list a more detailed count when it is available.
Article Title Decision When
Article 1 Choose Town Officers Passed 1-Apr
Article 2 Hear and Accept Reports Passed 1-Apr
Article 3 Budget Transfer Passed 1-Apr
Article 4 Town Operating Budget Passed 1-Apr
Article 5 Town Capital - Kelley's Corner Infrastructure Improvement Project Passed 1-Apr
Article 6 Town Capital - Sidewalks and Traffic Calming Passed 1-Apr
Article 7 Acton-Boxborough Regional School District Assessment Passed 1-Apr
Article 8 Acton-Boxborough Regional School District Capital Improvement Plan Passed 1-Apr
Article 9 Acton-Boxborough Regional School District-Authorize Regional Stabilization Fund Passed 1-Apr
Article 10 Minuteman Regional School District Assessment Passed 1-Apr
Article 11 Community Preservation Program - Direct Appropriations from Fund Balances Passed 1-Apr
Article 12 Transfer of Real Property - 53 River Street Passed 2-Apr
Article 13 Disposition of Real Property - 348-364 Main Street Passed 2-Apr
Article 14 Land Acquisition or Lease - 19 & 21 Maple Street Passed 2-Apr
Article 15 Land Acquisition - 257 Central Street, Northern Subdivided Parcel Passed 2-Apr
Article 16 Fund Collective Bargaining Agreements Passed 2-Apr
Article 17 Demand Fees for Late Payments Passed 2-Apr
Article 18 Commuter Lot & Station Maintenance Passed 2-Apr
Article 19 Septage Disposal Enterprise Budget Passed 2-Apr
Article 20 Transfer Station and Recycling Enterprise Budget Passed 2-Apr
Article 21 Sewer Enterprise Budget Passed 2-Apr
Article 22 Ambulance Enterprise Budget Passed 2-Apr
Article 23 Transportation Enterprise Budget Passed 2-Apr
Article 24 Revolving Fund Budgets Passed 2-Apr
Article 25 Accept Legislation - Agricultural Commission Passed 2-Apr
Article 26 Amend General Bylaws - Right to Farm Passed 2-Apr
Article 27 Amend General Bylaws - Chapter N. Demolition Delay Passed 2-Apr
Article 28 Amend General Bylaws - Public Way Permits Passed 2-Apr
Article 29 Amend Town Charter - Planning Board Membership Passed 2-Apr
Article 30 Amend Zoning Bylaw - Detached Accessory Apartments Passed 2-Apr
Article 31 Amend Zoning Bylaw - Accessory Apartments Passed 2-Apr
Article 32 Amend General Bylaws - Plastic Bag Reduction Passed 2-Apr
Article 33 Non-Binding Resolution - Building Moratorium Did not Pass 2-Apr
Article 34 Non-Binding Resolution - Development Rate Limitation Bylaw Did not Pass 2-Apr
Article 35 Non-Binding Resolution - Land Clearing Limits Did not Pass 2-Apr
Article 36 Non-Binding Resolution - Limit Size of New Single Family Houses  Did not Pass 2-Apr
Article 37 Non-Binding Resolution - Do Not Add Turning Lanes at Route 111 Did not Pass 2-Apr
Article 38 Non-Binding Resolution - Register Intent to Purchase Kmart Parcels Did not Pass 2-Apr
Article 39 Amend General Bylaws - Stormwater Management Revisions Passed 2-Apr
Article 40 Amend Zoning Bylaw - Stormwater Passed 2-Apr
Article 41 Amend Zoning Map - 16 Knox Trail and 585 Main St Passed 2-Apr
Article 42 Amend Zoning Bylaw - Housekeeping Corrections Passed 2-Apr
Article 43 Accept Street - Brabrook Road Passed 2-Apr
Article 44 Accept Land Gift - 49 Piper Road Passed 2-Apr
Article 45 Authorize Easements Passed 2-Apr
Article 46 Highway Reimbursement Program (Chapter 90) Passed 2-Apr
Article 47 Insurance Proceeds Passed 2-Apr
Article 48 Gifts or Grants  Passed 2-Apr
Article 49 Federal and State Reimbursement Aid Passed 2-Apr
Article 50 Performance Bonds Passed 2-Apr
Article 51 Sale of Foreclosed Properties Passed 2-Apr
*****End of Town Meeting***


The Office of the Town Clerk is the provider of information and quality services to the community and works cooperatively and in coordination with the varied departments and groups while performing a myriad of tasks to achieve established goals and comply with state and local statutes.

Duties include but are not limited to: 
  • Coordinating and administering federal, state, and town elections
  • Conducting the annual census, preparing the street list of residents, furnishing the jury list to the Office of the Jury Commissioner
  • Controlling the issuance of a variety of licenses and permits including marriage licenses, business certificates, and permits for raffles and bazaars
  • Administering oath of office to all elected and appointed officials for all committees, commissions, and boards, and ensuring that all elected and appointed officials are informed, in writing, of the Open Meeting Laws and Conflict of Interest Laws
  • Providing access to public records in compliance with the State Public Records Law and corresponding regulations