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Annual Town Meeting starts May 6, 2024

Acton Town Moderator

The Moderator is elected by ballot at the Annual Town Election for a one-year term, and is responsible for presiding over Annual Town Meeting, Special Town Meetings, and other meetings that he or she is requested to officiate at to ensure that order is maintained.  The Moderator is responsible for regulating proceedings, deciding all questions of order, and making public declaration of all votes.  As Moderator, my goal is to conduct the Town Meeting in a fair, yet expeditious manner, allowing all points of view a fair hearing while still keeping the process moving.

The powers and duties of the presiding officer, not especially provided for by state law (see below), or by Town bylaws, shall be determined by the rules and practices contained in the most recent edition of Town Meeting Time, so far as they are adapted to the conditions and powers of the town.

The Town Moderator also appoints the members of the Finance Committee and the representative to the Minuteman Regional Vocational Technical School Committee.

Massachusetts General Laws / Chapter 39: Moderators

Also see Article 3 of The Charter of the Town of Acton and Chapter A of the By-Laws of the Town of Acton.

Moderator’s Rules

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