Acton Concord Regional Emergency Communications Center

The Town of Acton has been working towards establishing a new Regional Emergency Communications Center district that would serve Acton and Concord.

The Town of Acton received funding from the State 911 Department to conduct a Study of the Feasibility of establishing a Regional Emergency Communications Center (RECC) for the Towns of Acton and Concord. The State 911 Department authorized the Edward J. Collins, Jr. Center for Public Management to conduct the Study as part of its inter-governmental services agreement (ISA) to aid the State 911 Department in its PSAP regionalization and RECC Development efforts.

Below are links to the feasibility study report and a slide presentation that was presented to the Acton Select Board and Concord Select Board on February 22, 2021.    Subsequent presentations were also made to Select Boards in both communities on May 17 and May 24 of 2021.  

Acton  and Concord Select Boards voted to approve the governance agreement and establish an emergency dispatch district on May 24, 2021.

Acton received a $900,000 development grant on June 17, 2021 to help support the implementation of the RECC.