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Climate Action Plan Updates

Climate Action Plan Updates

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Aug 17

Climate Action Planning: Recap and Upcoming

Posted on August 17, 2021 at 7:24 PM by Andrea Becerra

The Climate Action Planning process continues in full swing. We completed our first round of thematic workshops on Buildings & Energy, Nature-based Solutions, and Mobility and received great input from the community. We look forward to continuing the process in the coming months. If you did not get a chance to participate in the first round, you can still participate in September! Keep scrolling for details on the next workshop and for a recap on the last set of workshops. And if you haven't already filled out the community-wide survey (found here), we encourage you to do so this week before the survey closes at the end of August. 

The next set of workshops will be taking place between September 13th -15th, 12:00-1:15PM:

Buildings & Clean Energy | Monday, September 13th

Register here: 

Nature-based Solutions| Tuesday, September 14th

Register here: 

Transportation | Wednesday, September 15th

Register here:

Below are screenshots of the contributions we received from participants as part of the goal-setting process. 

Buildings and Energy Miro Board

Buildings & Energy Workshop. The blue post-its include draft goal ideas for the Climate Action Plan; these include: 1) Programs to create affordable incentives to retrofit multi-family buildings; 2) Heating and cooking equipment is electrified; 3) Expanding climate education and awareness; 4) Rebuild and restore "The Commons"; 4) Influence at the state level

Nature Based Solutions Miro Board

Nature-based solutions Workshop. The purple post-its include draft goal ideas for the Climate Action Plan; these include: 1) Balance open space needs & affordable housing; 2) Increase tree canopy to X percent; 3) Expand biomass within the Town's bounds; 4) Increase water protection and conservation in Acton; 5) Divert organics from the waste stream ; 6) Maintain carbon storage & sequestration; 7) Protect/preserve natural spaces; 8) Understand the health of our forests and trees; 9) Ongoing embodied modeling of restorative, generative practices; 10) Education goal; 11) Protect, Manage, Restore Hierarch; 12) Protect land and water resources we have; 13) Manage resources we have for healthy ecosystems; 14) Restore land and water that are degraded.

Mobility Miro Board

Mobility Workshop. The teal post-its include draft goal ideas for the Climate Action Plan; these include: 1) Everyone has access to affordable zero carbon emissions transportation options to get around Acton; 2) People take the majority of trips by bicycle; 3) Substantially reduce collisions on every street through education, enforcement, and design; 3) Reallocate street space to prioritize moving people safely rather than faster; 4) Make Acton interconnected for all modes of travel