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Volunteer Application

  1. Volunteer Coordinating Committee Application
    Thank you for your interest in volunteering. If you have questions about this application or would like more information, please contact the Volunteer Coordinating Committee at
    Under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 41, section 1, membership eligibility for the Board of Assessors and the Board of Health is restricted to “resident voters.” If you are applying for either the Board of Assessors or the Board of Health, submitting this application to the Town of Acton signifies that you are a resident voter of the Town. Under Town of Acton by-laws, any at-large members of the Community Preservation Committee must be “legal residents” of the Town of Acton. If you are applying for the Community Preservation Committee, submitting this application to the Town of Acton signifies that you are a legal resident of the Town.
  3. Preferred phone number for contact regarding your application
  4. Present occupation and employer. If retired or unemployed, what sort of work did you do? (Optional: attach resume at the bottom of the form)
  5. Why have you decided to apply to join this committee at this time?
  6. Please Note:
    Acton has a long-standing practice of requiring all applicants for an ongoing committee to have attended at least one meeting of that committee before acting on their application. You are very strongly urged to attend at least one meeting as a member of the public. This allows you, the applicant, to decide if this committee is suitable for you.
  7. Organization Membership Information
    Are you currently or have you previously been a member of a Board, Committee or Commission (either in Acton or elsewhere)? If so, please list the Board name(s) and your approximate dates of service:
  8. Are you currently serving on other Boards, Commissions, or Committees?*
  9. Have you served on a Board, Commission, or Committee before?
  10. Do you, your family members, or your employer have any current or potential, financial or business relationship with the Town of Acton that could create a conflict of interest with regard to your service on this Board, Committee, or Commission? (If no, please write "no" in the space above; if yes, please explain.)
  11. What relevant knowledge, skills, education, or attributes do you possess that will make you an asset to this committee?
  12. Are there any restrictions or limitations on your availability for meetings?
  13. Please list above any additional information or comments that you wish the VCC to consider.
  14. If you would like to include your resume or other relevant materials please upload using this part of the form
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