Daily Parking Information

Parking Meters

South Acton Commuter Lot

Fee -  $6/day effective August 1, 2019

Make sure you have the correct amount prior to inserting money into the meter. These meters do not recognize pennies or foreign currency. Parking in a metered space requires payment of the meter; a resident sticker does not invalidate the need to pay a meter. Vehicles will be ticketed if parked at an expired metered space. To report a problem to the Collector's Office please call (978) 929-6622, and be sure to have the number of the metered parking space.

Pay-By-Phone Instructions

Daily Parking Commuters may also pay for parking via the PassportParking Mobile Pay smartphone app. The app is available for download on your smartphone here:

android   AppStore

PassportParking Mobile Pay Instructions

  1. Follow directions for initial setup of your Passport account.
  2. Enter Passport Parking Zone. The South Acton Zone = 1723
  3. Enter Your Parking Space Number
  4. Complete the transaction

Further Assistance with Passport email  - support@passportinc.com

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Parking Meter Instructions

  1. Press the “START” Button.
  2. Enter the Parking Space number Painted on the pavement. 
  3. Insert Payment (Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, $1 Coins, $1 & $5 bills, credit cards or Passport Pay By Phone option)
  4. For Credit Card -Insert card for payment. Wait for “Take Your Card Back” message.
  5. Press “PRINT” to authorize the transaction. Final screen will state “Transaction Finished” after the payment has been accepted.

Commuters do not need to place tickets/receipts in their windshield as proof of payment.