Daylight Savings Time

Change your Clocks - Change your Batteries

The Acton Fire Department wants to remind everyone to be sure to change the batteries in smoke detectors throughout the home.
FACT: Smoke detectors save lives!
Each year, thousands of people are alerted to fire in their homes simply because they have working smoke detectors. Fire deaths are most often caused by inhaling the toxic smoke and gases emitted by early-stage fires. The early warning smoke detectors give can make the difference between life and death. Working smoke detectors can decrease the risk of dying in a house fire by nearly 50%.

FACT: Batteries don't last forever!
Fire departments across the nation recommend changing smoke detector batteries twice a year, at the same time you set your clocks for daylight savings time. Why? Because it is easy to remember and it could save your life.
Fire officials also recommend:
  • Test smoke alarms once a month by pushing the "test" button, which activates the alarm until the button is released.
  • Develop a home fire evacuation plan that includes at least two escape routes
  • Install fire extinguishers in or near the kitchen
  • Preventative house cleaning to reduce or eliminate fire hazards